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Compare Standing Desks




  1. A converter such as Varidesk is an adjustable height workstation that sits on top of your existing desk. It is manual, with limited positions that click into place. The keyboard and area for a screen are placed at different levels
  2. The UL Greenguard Certification on all our desks tells you they have been independently tested and meet one of the most stringent chemical emission standards in the world. See our certificate HERE.
  3. Unlike all other consumer sit-to-stand desks, MojoDesk has been tested by independent labs and is certified to meet compliance standards for durability, stability and safety standards from BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association). Learn more HERE.
  4. In an in-house test, we ran MojoDesk’s frame up/down for 20,000 cycles with 300lbs on the desktop to test its durability. Seriously, we did this. It took 3 months running 24 hours a day.
  5. A tip prevention sensor is a safety sensor that automatically stops the frame from moving by detecting a collision. It senses both a hard or soft surface.
  6. Height Range of Frame refers to the lowest and highest position the desk frame allows. As VARIDESK is a desktop converter placed on an existing desk we are using their largest range model which is 18.75”. An average desk is 29” tall so we have given a range of 29” at the lowest and 47.75” as the highest (29” desk plus 18.75” max converter height).

Note:  All comparison information is compiled from competitor website specs and current as of 5/18/18. This includes Varidesk, Jarvis, UpLift, and Autonomous. 

    Compare Standing Desks

    Compare Standing Desks

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