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Standing Desks in Bulk


Mojo Pro: Bulk Standing Desk Discounts & Custom Design

Our Mojo Pro service is an easy, affordable, and complete office solution for your growing business. Give your company a competitive edge by adding adjustable-height desks for hiring and retention while supporting a culture of wellness. 

Standing Desk Bulk Discounts:

We can provide bulk discounts for all MojoDesk standing desk sizes and styles as well as accessories. And we can even deliver your MojoDesks preassembled.

Custom Design:

 Need multiple workstations that are built to hold 5 or more screens, additional storage and designed to fit your floorplan perfectly? How about an adjustable-height conference table or expandable teamwork system? We can do that. 

Visit our Denver Area Showroom:

Make an appointment by giving us a call at 800.297.6656 or using the form below. All projects are managed and engineered at our Colorado factory.

Learn more about Mojo Pro and our standing desk solutions HERE.


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