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Mojo Executive

Mojo Executive is our L-shape standing desk designed to handle 3 monitors and maximum desktop space.

Select a color from the swatches below to use our MyMojo builder program to pick your style, shape and accessories.

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Organic L-Shape Sizes: 72x46 | Cubicle 70x45

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Aspen White

    • Your desk isn’t a simple piece of furniture… it’s your battlestation, your home field advantage, your command center, your dining room table, and your most reliable employee. When the hustle is real and there’s work to be done, you spend more time at your desk than anywhere else. So why shouldn’t your desk grind as hard as you do?


      Mojo Executive is exactly that, a beautiful designed sit-to-stand made for those who gets things done. Our desks are built to national ergonomic standards, keeping you alert, moving, and comfortable through meetings, all-nighters, and every ah-ha moment. You give so much of yourself for your work… don’t let your health be one of those.


      The L-shape design is ready for any office environment, perfectly suited for a corner, against a wall, or out in the open. Originally designed for NASA, the FBI, and 911 call centers, our standing desks are certified handle whatever set-up you have with no bounce. Don’t take our word for it, either; we’re independently certified to meet BIFMA standards for durability and stability. Whether your desk is a landing pad for your mobile device or carries the load of a four-monitor display, your Mojo Executive can handle anything you throw at it.


      Your Mojo Executive will be the best weapon in your arsenal, built custom for your personalized needs and style. Select your size, material finish, frame color, and a wide assortment of accessories. Monitor arms, CPU hander, power solutions, cord management and more… let your desk work for you, not the other way around.


      No Risk: 30 Day "Love Mojo or Return" Trial. We cover shipping both ways. How can we do this? Because we know you'll love it.

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